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ООО НПФ "Прова" : Наша охрана - Ваша безопасность Отдых в Анапе. Современные mp3 песни клубной, поп музыки известных артистов. Универсальная доска объявлений: лучшие предприятия, предоставляющие товары или услуги теперь в одном месте, деловое партнерство на форуме. Тюнинг и запчасти для всех моделей Octavia, Fabia, Felicia. ORG - специализированный ресурс по поиску репетиторов Клуб рукоделия для любителей и мастеров. Спортивный юмор: анекдоты про борцов, забавные истории, шуточные песни, фото приколы.

Услуги профессиональных грузчиков, квартирные, дачные и офисные переезды. Бригады такелажников осуществляют перевозку станков, сейфов, банкоматов, роялей...

dicoccum (Bucket) and rye Secale cereale together with agricultural techniques introduced thousands of years before the Danube Civilization. On the other hand it was a costly and unnecessary animal to the farmer if it was not used as a beast of burden for the plow or drag harrow.

In fact, they used to work in the fields (and therefore raised) the ox by the small curved horns slightly larger than a modern pony, while the pig, where the sow was left to graze in the forest to eventually mate with wild boar, represented the meat served more often as food. On top of that there were no roads and wagons and carts, when c'erano, is pulled by hand.

While they are in constant struggle with each other's attempts to colonize the weapons the best regions of the Russian Plain or subtract relative to the opponent, in the first half of the thirteenth century. E’ a catastrophe for the kingdoms and regnucoli North Eastern Europe and only when the new regime was consolidated in state at Sarai-Batu, the new capital on the Volga Tatar, return a certain peace as well in the Russian Plain.

la Rus’ Kiev after the death of Yaroslav the Wise, succeeded his father Saint Vladimir, falls apart and shatters into many appanages (udel) inherited and fragmented among the various sons and cousins ​​of the great family vladimiriana, the so-called Riurikidi. come the Tatar-Mongols who conquered and incorporated into the 1236 Bulgar-on-Volga and its rich state, save Novgorod, ma distruggono Kiev nel 1240 and finally, in a fit irrepressible ravage Central Europe.

Just to mention a few among the many in order to emphasize the Christian ideological weight that is affirmed in Northwest Europe. had established villages at the head of whom were elderly and a number of villages were headed to a sanctuary etc.

L'élite Varangians di Kiev, eg, traced in the account of the chronicles of Times Past its role of sovereignty to the "spontaneous delivery" on the part of the peoples of the northern Russian lands in the Varangian Rurik why put order among the nations. Their agriculture at that time could not be far behind compared to other contemporary European areas neighboring non-Slavic judging by the variety of grain: wheat, rye, barley, oats and millet as well as beans and lentils and hemp fiber plants, lino e tifa, that corresponded to a great expertise for having developed for each local microclimate cultivars most suitable.

And yet, although the goal of putting an end to the frequent migration was reached, the need to produce a surplus had destroyed the traditional self-sufficiency and had enslaved the peasant family to Feudal Lord, secular or ecclesiastical, in Central Europe and the farmer began, Yup!

, to live in houses made of clay and not more than wood, but just because the latter material was used to metallurgy in medieval revival rather than to homes (i mattoni, Consumers are also huge amounts of timber, were for churches and castles! The Plain Russa remained in much of its territory impermeable to these innovations. If we find that for the duration of the Middle Ages Russian to look closely at the farmer is the only class of people who produce wealth consumable and marketable, it is understandable that the elites in power, if not fail to surround, around it and control it, the paventino. In defense and to justify its position of pre-eminence, the ruling elite invents early legends, all mediated by the Church.

And we will depart from this autarky to describe briefly the life of the Russian smierd during the Middle Ages in his hut and how various power elites, forcing the seminomadismo to become a perennial escape, exposed - practically preventing the accumulation of supplies - the families to immediate death when he stepped in an unfavorable season, un'epidemia, un'epizoozia etc.


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