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I bet if you ask any couples who met on a paid online dating site if they would like a refund, they'd laugh in your face and tell you it was the best money they'd ever spent and that if they could do it again they would pay double!

There is no such thing as online dating, unless you consider texting and emails a form of dating. Online Dating Myth #2: A cute profile pic = a cute date. I'm amazed sometimes, even in a person's range of photos how they mix in the youthful babe shots with the "here's what I look like today at 45," but they forget to tell you which is which. But from the lack of compassion in online dating you'd never know.

So there are good people trying online dating, you just have to uncover the right one for you. Online Dating Myth #4: Their profile is close enough, maybe not perfect, but what the heck... Like the woman who confessed within the first 30 minutes of a hello date, "I'm not actually divorced yet. Why waste your time and your money chit-chatting with someone who's not really interested in a relationship.

Online Dating Truth #3: If you recognize a disconnect in their profile, or in something they message you, and you have doubts about their authenticity, run. If there's doubt in your mind, there is probably a disconnect larger than you can imagine. Online Dating Truth #4: Women get propositioned about 10-to-1 over men. Ryan Seacrest wouldn't really get that many propositions because women would fear his good looks like the plague.

And I would guess (since I'm not a cute female, I'd have to guess) that the cuter they are the more careful they have learned to become.

So the cutest girl on OK Cupid is probably propositioned once every 10 minutes, but she's still only got seven evenings a week.

There's a great study from OK Cupid about how good looking people are perceived by their photos. I can't tell you the number of times the chemistry was smokin hot and their profile photos were awesome and the in-person meeting was a dud.

(Your Profile Photos and Your Inbox -- OK Cupid Survey)Online Dating Myth #5: Chemistry can be sensed or determined by texting or emailing. Whatever you think you see, whatever magic you think you can sniff out through romantic projections and their flirtatious response, forget about it. Rather than build up the pre-in-person courtship, move on to getting some exercise, or finishing that work project you've been procrastinating on. Or your flight of fancy that kept you texting until 1 am on a weeknight.

Online dating is convenient in the sense that you can stay home on your couch for a while (see above) but easy? Which is to say that dating of any kind is not easy, but online dating definitely not a stroll down easy street. "You Should Never Have To Pay For Love" I feel like the people who love to say this are the rare ones who married their high-school sweetheart and have zero experience dating in today's society.

Nobody has to pay for love, they pay for the heightened opportunity and chance to find someone whom they will truly connect with.

Women of marginal beauty, on the other hand, are hit on constantly.


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