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The AT Pro's Pinpoint touchpad shows precise location.

As shown, the bottle cap will produce a distinctive Low-High-Low response as compared to the coin’s High-only response.

The AT Pro is engineered with a waterproof housing and connectors to protect in dusty, muddy, wet and humid environments.

Hunting treasure can take you to places you never thought you would be; don’t go unprepared.

From dry, dusty deserts to humid, musty bogs and beyond, the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is the versatile, all-terrain metal detector that will see you through almost any search environment.

The AT Pro's Digital Target ID system provides a specific target value to help identify buried targets more precisely.

Targets are identified on the LCD screen by number, with items near 1 being the most ferrous.With a waterproof housing up to 10 feet, the AT Pro also features an 8.5"x11" search coil, audio and high-res iron discrimination, 0 to 99 digital targeting ID, and Pro-Mode audio.Answer the call of adventure, wherever it may take you, with the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector.The AT Pro can be immersed in water to a 10-foot depth (maximum) to search in and along shorelines, rivers, piers, docks or swimming holes.NOTE: Waterproof headphones (optional item shown in photo to left) must be used if the headphones are immersed in water.Standard headphones provided with AT Pro can not be submerged.

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