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Instantly, one of the drill instructors screamed at me, threw her clipboard at me, and confiscated my Prada flats.

four years after that day, I got out of the Navy with an honorable discharge and started building the foundation for the life I am living now.

ERM: I recently got to the age where I could no longer get away with eating everything in sight and not working out, so that’s been a bit of a learning curve for me. It’s something I am constantly trying to improve and implement into my daily routine.

I refuse to deny myself of things that make me happy, and one of those is enjoying amazing food with my friends and family. ERM: I have done a really good job of keeping my personal life completely separate from my job, and that includes social media.

While she lived and studied at the local school in that place, she started to get involved in her school’s acting lessons and was soon one of the best to act.

So, she was constantly involved in her school’s drama team and took part in many different events.

ERM: I love seeing how people represent themselves on the Internet in comparison to IRL. I probably know about your entire life prior to us ever meeting.

I love the small network of beautiful and highly intelligent women I follow. ERM: Oh my goodness, I am much more skilled at losing followers than I am gaining them.

But a few days later I knew that I just had to do it. You had people telling you what to wear, what to do, when you had to do it.

So, I went and signed up, and was on an aircraft carrier for four years – from 2008 to 2012. It was hard being out to see on deployment for nine months at a time, but it was a lot of fun. ERM: My two favorite musical artists are Philip Glass and Aphex Twin. On any day, I could be listening to Ennio Morricone’s film scores as I get ready for work, and then DMX while I sit in traffic.

I was taught growing up that classic silhouettes are timeless, and investing in a classic, strong piece will outlast anything that is a current trend.

ERM: 99% of my closet is comprised of clothes that I both refuse to wear and get rid of.

I have three dogs, one cat, and an amazing partner. I was heavily influenced by a bro boyfriend and my coworkers in the military.


  1. Your first date is not one of those times, and yet so many of us are hard to read.

  2. I am an out-of-the-box thinker and I hold over 3-dozen patents in my field. People have said that they are like the Apple of lighting. ” – Guy in his mid-40’s “Pole dancing is something that is still new for me.

  3. (Note: While some of you may find this study to be offensive, please understand that it is not our intention to offend.

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  5. It must also be done under the belief that the person to whom the communication is being made is a minor.

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