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The movie is about Bam and his friends going to the Arctic Circle in Finland on a quest to find Santa Claus.

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The first episode showcased Margera and his friends' attempt to conquer an obstacle course race, in the Tough Guy Competition, held in Staffordshire, England. As of 2016, Margera is without any major sponsorships and has effectively retired from professional skateboarding.

Margera has written, produced and starred in three independent films.

Several skits in the first Jackass movie were CKY style pieces filmed in and around West Chester, but similar scenes in the second movie were removed after the arrest of Margera's uncle Vincent Margera.

After Jackass, Margera was given his own MTV series entitled Viva La Bam, which ran for five seasons between 2003–2005.

My favorite line from yesterday was Bam's response after Billy stated the need for them to step up their bear-proofing game: "It probably has nothing to do with the constant moo'ing." The sarcasm is RICH, Bam.

The cameraman was obviously a bit shaky but fortunately Bam can be detected on stage facing Nicole in a grey hoodie, tattered dark wrap and shades while another guy in black hat and garb appears to officiate. Lots of stuff going on but hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! It's Rainy and Bird with a few chickens and Sabrina the cow in the background. Happy new year, it's the first official 'work day' of 2017! To make it up to you, here is the best picture you will ever see this whole year. Not even going to comment on Bear's "paint" that resembled blood from 'that time of the month.' :x Here's a picture from one of the crew members' Instagram account. I'm predicting we finally get to meet Allison (Bam's gf or rumored wife, we're not sure yet), at least one of the other brothers will be in a serious relationship, Bam will build his own place, Rainy will be sassier than ever, and Bear will continue to be awesome. Sorry for the sparse updates but I'm going to have to take a brief hiatus until Feb. But in case you guys haven't heard yet, Joshua confirmed himself that he is NOT married to Allison. For those who are just tuning into the series, Allison is a Discovery producer. To help kick off the work week, here's a picture that can make butter melt in 2 seconds. Margera began a weekly Sirius Satellite Radio show on Sirius channel 28 Faction on November 24, 2004 called Radio Bam.

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