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Some of the more common reasons for acting out involve modeling behaviors.If teens see violence at home, in the movies, in video games, or on the street, they are more inclined to copy such behaviors (3).

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It does not discriminate and can happen to anyone in any relationship, whether it’s one that is casual and short-term or serious and monogamous.

Even though school shootings account for less than 1% of homicides among youth (1), the sensational nature of such violent acts imprints itself on our minds.

Dating abuse is a pattern of abusive behaviors -- usually a series of abusive behaviors over a course of time -- used to exert power and control over a dating partner.

Every relationship is different, but the things that unhealthy and abusive relationships have in common are issues of power and control.

Because human beings are complex entities, and because there are usually many different factors that come into play, most experts prefer to refer to possible causes as risk factors, rather than actual causes.

When most teens act out violence, it is usually due to a variety of reasons, rather than just one cause.Violent words and actions are tools an abusive partner uses to gain and maintain power and control over their partner.Any young person can experience dating abuse or unhealthy relationship behaviors, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic standing, ethnicity, religion or culture.They may convince the victim that she deserves the abuse or provoked it in some way, causing the abuser to "lose control".This represents a classic control tactic of abusers – convincing the victim that they cause the violence and bring it upon themselves.Others, who experience bullying or teasing, become enraged enough to begin acting out in revenge. Lashing out in response to what has been seen or experienced does not account for all instances of teen violence, however.


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