Validating funding programs queensland

This funding goes towards supporting cancer research throughout the state in the form of project grants, fellowships, travel/study grants and scholarships.

You can read about our recently awarded cancer research project grants below.

“What we are trying to do is shift the culture, create that innovation movement in our state.

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The annual cost of such complications exceeds $595 million, with pain, treatment delays, prolonged hospitalisation, and up to 25 per cent CLABSI-associated mortality.

Better design and disinfection of connectors is vital to prevent CLABSI and CVC occlusion, improve patient outcomes and reduced costs, yet little clinical trial evidence is available.

The government has already announced partnerships with Johnson and Johnson and Siemens to foster more health research and commercialisation, Ph D scholarships, and a program to link postgraduate students with startups.

It is now releasing details of a $24 million startup package, starting off with a $2 million grant program aimed at young people.

Mortality from this disease is unacceptably high, with five-year survival below 16 per cent.

It is estimated that at least a third of future liver cancer cases will be due to fatty liver disease, but how obesity and a fatty liver promote cancer growth is unknown.

The study is a multi-centre, 2×2 factorial, parallel randomised control trial to compare two connector designs (Positive vs Negative displacement design [controls]), and two disinfection (Chlorhexidine in Isopropyl alcohol vs. We will test the effectiveness of these treatments and hypothesise CLABSI will be reduced from 8 per cent to 4 per cent and occlusion from 13 per cent to 4 per cent.

Adult cancer patients will be studied at two major hospitals in Brisbane.

Despite advances in anti-vomiting medication, nausea is still rated as one of the worst side-effect of cancer treatment and can result in strong reductions in quality of life.


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