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In the long run it was cheaper to run all new pipes.A good call on Joe's part, for when he cut the old pipes apart we discovered the reason it took 2 hours to fill the washing machine.

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The first time I met Joe Reckley was almost 18 years ago.

It was a hot summer day and the pump in our well had bit the dust - or at least I hoped it was the pump.

Once, while grasping the top of the chimney, the 'mound' gave way, leaving me dangling.

My wife couldn't resist inquiring about the truthfulness of my so called nuclear engineering credential, and left me hanging for all in the neighborhood to see.

Less than half an hour later a new pump was in the well and pumping water.

"Twenty years is a long time for a pump," said Joe as he wrote up my bill, "most people consider themselves lucky if they get 15 years out of a pump." It was that day Joe hooked me as a lifetime customer of Reckley's Plumbing and Heating, which after Zurgable Brothers' hardware, is one of Emmitsburg's oldest businesses.

So when it came to who we would entrust to update the 50 year old plumbing and heating systems in the house, Reckley's Plumbing and Heating had the job by default.

The first question that needed to get answered was whether we wanted to abandon oil and go to propane as our fuel source.

Next to hanging out with Tony Orndorf while he did his drywall work, hanging out with Joe and his crew was quality time for our dogs!


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