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We own a 3 year old USA model Garmin Nuvi 50 with USA maps only. Please can somebody let me know if it is possible to load maps for Canada onto the device? I have looked at Garmin's website, and most of the links are for updating existing map sets.

IIt seems to have few comments on loading maps for different geographic areas and whether it would be possible.

Easy GPS is the fast and easy way to upload and download geocaches, addresses, waypoints, routes, and tracks between your Windows computer and your Garmin nüvi GPS.

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I would look at North America instead of just Canada maps - you will then be good for your next road trips (-: You can not buy a new GPS for $80 USD which is the price I am getting on that page.

It may direct you to the UK page As you have an j Phone, just use Googlemaps. The maps are up to date and loaded with tons of information so that often you do not even need an address.

If Banff or Vancouver does not come up as a destination you will need to up load a new set.

this is the Garmin site for map downloads…

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For example, does the device have a limited capacity, meaning that I need to off load my USA maps before I can buy then upload the maps for Canada? Would there be a better way of getting free or cheaper good maps for Canada that work offline?

I do have an old model 'spare' i Phone, unlocked, for example. I will be honest in that I know little about the Garmin but looking at their Nuvi page, I am guessing you bought the 'lower 49 states' version (this means no Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico so not all USA).

As it also offers a load for US and Canada, there must be capacity to add Canada without removing USA. No, I didn't ask on my own forum as when these types of Qs arise, the advice is usually spotty and this IS the gadgets forum! You'll need to download the map data before you leave home.


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