Updating drivers in dyne bolic

As of version 10.10 of the Ubuntu Studio, the real-time kernel is no longer available in the repositories.

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Click here for more information on software version / operating system compatibility.

Hardware Support Hardware support for OS X 10.11 is manufacturer specific, and some hardware will require driver updates.

Serato are working hard to fix any issues in our software but are ultimately not responsible for driver or firmware updates that are compatible with El Capitan.

Please see your individual hardware manufacturer’s statement about OS X El Capitan before using Serato DJ as some devices are still not supported.

Ubuntu Studio can also be installed on a pre-existing Ubuntu installation by installing the "ubuntustudio-desktop" package from Advanced Packaging Tool.

In 9.10, the package "ubuntustudio-audio," shown during installation (and also available in the Synaptic Package Manager), cannot be installed without a working Internet connection.

As a completely non-expert at all things driver related, I’d hazard a guess that USB class compliancy and manufacturer drivers might be at fault.

Now that the dust has settled after the release, we’re revisiting how the bigger (and less biggerer) software houses have fared with sorting out their bugs.

Administration permit the user to "Enable Nice", allowing the use of wireless networking and proprietary graphics cards drivers while maintaining low audio latency free of XRUNs (audio drop-outs) in JACK.

A more negative value entered for nice reserves more CPU time for real-time audio processes.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to also check how all the bits of your hardware work with the software if they require drivers.


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