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Не тратьте своё время на другие сайты, где к Вам относятся как к куску мяса.Здесь нет дискриминации, наша цель состоит в том, чтобы оказать полную поддержку ТС/ТГ сообществу.Кроме того, Вы можете отказаться от любых нежелательных уведомлений по электронной почте в любое время Люди могут видеть только те фотографии, которые Вы выкладываете в общий доступ.

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I found 59 people within 50 miles of me, and the profiles were freshly active. After 1 month of intensive, yet pleasurable, research, contacting 200 people (well 202 really), I had an ~ 70% response rate with this adult personals site. One piece of advice, and this can go for any free adult personals website: most people will be cool as long as you are decent and respectful. And I have a transsexual friend who I asked to also join this TS free adult dating site.

Also, out of those, at 2 PM, nearly half were online! I would tell you to be yourself, but if you are a prick, don’t be yourself, lol. Like the trans picture on the join page, those looked pretty darn good.

The offsite guy did meet 3 people, 1 which he said was the most fun he had in a long time. Maybe had I been more into it, it might have been different for me. When it comes to ts dating free adult dating sites, we decided to give this tranny site a generous 4 out of 5 stars.

Cross (3.5 / 5) This is an OK transexual dating site.

Мы создали безопасное место, где ТС дамы могут познакомиться с мужчинами, которые умеют себя вести.

Здесь НЕ разрешается оскорбительное поведение и обеспечивается платформа для поиска кого-то особенного.It has a great interface platform, fantastic looking ladies inside, and for a free adult dating site, a lot of variety and some really nice people, many with hardcore photos.Transgender dating or transexual dating or even shemale dating has always been a desire of mine and lucky for me, this was my assignment. And I liked that after a search query, the search utility is on the left side of the profiles. (5 / 5) calls itself, “The #1 transexual dating community on the net.” There are tons of TS dating sites on the net, so that is a bold claim. I have always been curious about shemale dating and transgender dating.I can’t say it’s the best and I can’t say it’s the worst.I will be honest with you, I am only kind of curious when it comes to TS dating sites, so that could have been the issue.Если Вы познакомитесь с кем-то интересным, и Вам понравится наш сервис, Вы можете подумать о приобретении премиум функций.


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