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This is about as fair as you can get, within the conventions of Halo—the guy who did more damage comes out on top.Specifically, the winner of the contest still takes melee damage from the loser, but is protected from death and lives to fight another day."The Short Version Melee contests will only produce a winner if he has a sizeable health advantage over the loser. What Halo 2 Did Put simply, in Halo 2, whoever threw the first melee won. Specifically, the relative observations of host versus client.

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For reference, a single AR bullet does 7.5 points of damage, and a BR bullet does 6.

A melee attack does 70 for most weapons, with some weapons (notably the Brute weapons) doing 72.

Simply stated, it works like this: when a melee contest occurs, and both players are close to the same health (including shields), no special protection is given to either player.

This means the outcome of a close melee contest can be death for both participants, but that a player who decisively injures his opponent prior to closing for a melee will continue to enjoy the victorious outcome.

Which means his melee was first and the client lost the melee fight far more often than they should have.

And in the event of two clients attacking simultaneously, the one with lower latency to the host would appear to have attacked first, and would be the winner.

So, to be clear and upfront, we will not be returning to those days of letting the host win when the outcome is in doubt, aka. The Halo 3 “Fix” In Halo 3, there is explicit special treatment for what is called a “melee contest”, which occurs when two melee attacks occur almost simultaneously.

Specifically, when the host starts to throw a melee attack, there is a short window after that (three frames, or approximately 100ms) during which the host will watch for a retaliatory melee attack.

Addressing the Flaw We considered and ultimately rejected some ideas that could have made melee contests produce a less inscrutable result.

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