Toyboy speed dating

Personally I think there's a reason most men steer clear of speed dating, and it's obviously for good reason. I never contacted any of them as I was moving interstate in a few weeks but I'm sure I could have been successful :) Most men out there perceive woman to have this "baggage" whether it really is or isn't there.

So I guess speed dating can't be any worse than meeting a perspective partner at any other place. The event they ran was quite the opposite; very unprofessional and poorly organised.

They also really stuffed up the numbers so there was a ratio of 4 guys for every girl. It's pretty hard to make an assessment after a few minutes of convo.

I have a friend who went for speed dating a few years ago because she just moved to Sydney and was keen to meet new people.

She met someone there and it became a serious relationship.

Do 6 relationship material women even go to these things?

And why would they even need too if they do is more the point. I ended up getting 11 out of 18 yeses (she won, she got 17 yeses).

Other times have ended up with fun little 2-3 month things.

But even if I hadn't met anyone worth following up with, the nights themselves were fun enough to make it worthwhile.

A friend of mine insists that I go speed dating with her.

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