The political party system dating

(A stump speech at a campaign stop is a lot like standup comedy.

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” she said when she finally arrived, walking onto the stage with Gabrielle Giffords, the former U. congresswoman from Arizona who was shot in the head while meeting with voters in 2011, and Giffords’s husband, the astronaut Mark Kelly. Her only remaining rival, Bernie Sanders, was expected to win New Hampshire, and by a wide margin. And after the New Hampshire results came in—Sanders went on to win, in a rout—she’d have cause to feel worse.

During their months vying for the right to carry the Democratic Party standard, the former Secretary of State and the senator from Vermont have been on the same stage often, if not always at the same time.

It was like watching a flock of ostriches awaken, the arms their necks, the phones their heads, the red recording buttons their wide, blinking eyes.

Clinton and Sanders had been waging a remarkably polite battle.

Those who stood shouldered cameras; those who sat cradled laptops.

Instruction sheets had been taped to the chairs: Three television reporters sat in a row: ABC, CBS, CNN. A hipster photographer had perched his super-skinny tripod atop a blue plastic chair, setting its camera to peer over the crowd.

They’re revolting against party élites, and especially against the all-in-the-family candidates anointed by the Democratic and the Republican leadership: Clinton and Bush, the wife and brother of past party leaders.

(More attention has been paid to the unravelling of the G. P.; the Democratic Party is no less frayed.) There is, undoubtedly, a great deal of discontent, particularly with the role of money in elections: both Sanders and Trump damn the campaign-finance system as rigged and the establishment as corrupt.

He’d found a good spot, but his unobstructed view didn’t last for long.


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