prevent silverlight from updating - Teenage dating in 2016

The ease of social media makes communication very accessible, but it also encourages us to forget about the morals of monogamous relationships and face-to-face contact that past relationships so heavily relied on.

Maybe that’s why we’re known as the generation that can’t settle down.

Issues like immaturity and teens being indecisive have been around for years. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and dating sites like Tinder and Omegle are all contributors to the drastic shift in teen relationships.

The Huffington Post states that during the final stage of dating the two people “often plan to be with each other for a longer amount of time and don’t have any other romantic interests outside of the relationship.” All this talk about the changing course of relationships automatically makes one wonder: what caused the shift?

There are three main factors to consider: immaturity, indecisive teens and social media.

“Social media makes where people can be talking to a lot of people at one time, and that isn’t something that creates good relationships among people,” said Kennedy.

Since teens are able to talk to multiple people at a time, they can be semi “serious” with more than just one person. This shift of relationships has caused the current generation to grow up relying on social media to keep their relationships in tact.

She thinks it gives people insight on the true personality and behavior of others, making it easier to determine whether or not to pursue them further.

“Social media can share some personal information about a person that may not have been as easy to gain access too in past forms of dating,” said Bowers.This extra insight can be positive, but can also be very negative.Some teens use social media irresponsibly and post things that are unattractive to others.Our current generation however, has shifted from the typical, old-school ways of dating to a new and more complicated process.In an article from the Huffington Post, the new “stages” of dating starts with two people. The Huffington Post describes this stage as when “the two people involved have some romantic affiliation, but both still identify as single.This stage is a little more serious than talking but not quite as serious as being in a full blown relationship. When two people are “a thing,” they’re not quite single but not officially dating. Finally after a long, confusing process, the two people involved reach the final stage; dating.


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