Status wireless validating identity

Return to the top of this page and complete the instructions to connect to Wireless Pitt Net.

Windows XP does not have a built-in way to scrub saved WPA credentials - see How to remove cached user credentials that are used for PEAP authentication in Windows XP.

As of December 2013, the QOOQ tablet does not support WPA2-Enterprise.

Note: In Control Panel, set View by: to Large Icons.

This will search for and automatically open the Control Panel.

If you are not able to connect to Wireless Pitt Net using our automated wizard, you can manually configure your computer using the steps in this help sheet. Right click on WLAN Auto Config and select Properties. Set Startup type: to Automatic, click Apply, then click OK. Note: In Control Panel, set View by: to Large Icons.

Note: You must have installed the In Common certificates before completing the instructions below. Select Manually connect to a wireless network, then click Next. The Notifications before connecting: option is set to Don't ask user to authorize new servers or trusted CAs e. Choose a network authentication method should be set to PEAP b. Click the Settings button next to Choose a network authentication method 7. Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate is checked b. USERTrust RSA Certification Authority is checked under Trusted Root Certification Authorities d. Use these instructions if you have previously configured your computer to access Wireless Pitt Net and are having difficulty connecting. Click the network status indicator icon in the system tray, select WIRELESS-PITTNET, and click Connect. Enter your University Computing Account username and password. Given that the underlying OS is Linux, it might be possible to root the tablet and manually connect using wpa_supplicant etc.; given the risks (including bricking the device), we can not recommend the attempt.


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