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Kirk confesses it to him, and the two share a drink sitting by the apartment's fireplace. Starship Reliant on orbital approach to Ceti Alpha VI in connection with Project Genesis.Mc Coy admonishes Kirk to get his command back (in stark contrast to his previous assessment of Admiral Kirk's command fitness) before he gets too old. We are continuing our search for a lifeless planet that will satisfy the requirements of a test site for the Genesis experiments.

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With a powerful new device in the wrong hands and a no-win scenario in play, the cost of victory for the starship Enterprise may prove too high.

A female Vulcan sits in the command chair on the bridge of the Enterprise.

"For her to truly understand something that is alien, she has to first understand herself."And in a first, the lead character will not be the ship's captain, but the Discovery's lieutenant commander - joined by an ensemble of roughly seven main characters.

These will include a female admiral, a male admiral, a male adviser and a British male doctor - and one of the male characters will be openly gay, btw.

Kirk then retreats to his apartment, to be greeted by Leonard Mc Coy, who presents him with a bottle of finely-aged Romulan ale, vintage 2283. Mc Coy notes that for patients of Kirk's age, he usually prescribes Retinax V, which Kirk is allergic to.

For a present, the doctor hands him something in a case – reading glasses. Noticing Kirk is acting stranger than usual, especially after giving him the glasses, Mc Coy questions whether Kirk really wants to carry on the duties of an admiral or to be "hopping galaxies" in a starship.

Outside the simulator room, Spock awaits Kirk's opinion of the cadets' performance.

Kirk notes that the trainees wreaked havoc with the simulator room and Spock alike.

While the senior crew work at their consoles, the officer, Saavik, makes a log entry, then orders Commander Sulu, manning the helm, to project a course to avoid entering the Neutral Zone.

Suddenly, Uhura receives a distress call from the Kobayashi Maru, which has struck a gravitic mine near Altair VI... Despite warnings from both Sulu and Spock, Saavik orders the ship to enter the Zone in order to beam the survivors aboard.

Saavik has no alternative but to order the surviving crew to abandon ship. The bridge viewscreen slides aside, revealing a lighted room beyond.


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