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Bronze tools, though in use, are rarely found until very late in the period.

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In central Europe, the Beaker Folk came into contact with the in successive waves, via Holland, from the Rhineland.

Their origins are uncertain, with theories of them being the Battle-Ax people from south Russia and Spanish Megalithic people from Almeria or from Portugal and Hungary.

The Andronovo were the ancestors of Karasuk nomads who later inhabited the Central Asiatic and Siberian steppes..

The culture's pottery was distinctively dark and highly burnished, and decorated with incised and punctuated bands filled with white inlay.

Ancient Baden was occupied by Celts and then by Germanic peoples and was conquered by Rome in the 1st century AD. They produced metal tools including -hammers and torcs of twisted copper wire.

The pottery was plain and dark, but some have channeled decoration and handles of Ansa Lunata type.

Burial was by contracted inhumation in a trench, or under a round barrow, or as a SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: Big Game Hunting culture CATEGORY: culture DEFINITION: Any of several ancient North American cultures based on hunting herd animals such as mammoth and bison; the first indigenous cultural complex of the continent.

It may have developed from an earlier hunting culture whose people arrived in North America between 20,000-40,000 years ago in an interstadial (break) in the Wisconsin Ice Age.

Bowl- and flowerpot-shaped vessels were flat-bottomed, smoothed, and decorated with geometric patterns, triangles, rhombs, and meanders.

Burial was in contracted position either in stone cists or enclosures with underground timber chambers.

Wheat and millet were cultivated and cattle, horses, and sheep bred.


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