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Richard had a son John who was christened 26 April 1601 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Hazel Constable, supported by her husband, Jeff Constable MBE, of Dalmeny, undertook the daunting task of organisation.

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Eliza, who signed her name Elizabeth, was born in Ireland around 1816. The weather has continued boisterous all day with frequent squalls but the sea is gradually subsiding.

In 1841 they were living in Winchester Court St Olave Silver Street London with two children, James Walter and Harriet.

The family arrived in Sydney on the convict ship "Asia III" on 29th April 1825, with the 57th Regiment being assigned to guard the ship.

The family returned to England in 1830 owing to James' ill health, but returned again to Australia on the "Dunvegan Castle" on 5th November 1832, James having transferred to the 4th Kings Own Regiment.

By 1841 young John was living in Torquay with Thomas Andrews and his family, learning to be a mason.

On 15 July 1850 at Plymouth he married Anne Langdon Polybank, (born 15 October 1822 in Churston Ferrers, Devon) and they had a son Alfred (1851) daughter Sarah Ann who was born in Paignton, Devon in 1853. 52 A shoal of Black fish made their appearance close alongside the ship their mode of swimming bears some resemblance to that of the porpoise but they are much larger and altogether different in shape & appearance[] Wednesday 28th Weather fine, clear and warm during the day, but the evening has closed in cold & cloudy steady breeze all day from N. William Colefax was born in Knaresborough, Yorkshire in 1778. His son Abraham Colefax was also born there 26 September, 1807. Meanwhile in Exeter John Pike was born on 18th August 1752. He became a tailor, probably following a family tradition, and on 7th September 1776 he married Rebecca Carpenter who was also born in Exeter on 24th November 1756. John Stidworthy was born in 1734 in Marlborough, Devon and married Elizabeth Phillips of Ashprington. HISTORY I am in the process of writing a history of the Constable family in Australia. 1861 Census RG 9/3725 1861 England Census RG 9/1407, BDM 09759 public tree dodd1 public tree Jolyon0, Goulburn newspaper articles BDM 1934/31/18/1916 BDM Deaths 12559/1921 BDM Deaths 1934/3106 BDM Reg. 1743 LDS CD 151 - Father of Elizabeth Hollingsworth b.

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