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Sex also complicates the timeline of the church relationship.My best bet was meeting a man and convincing him to marry me ASAP. My parents weren’t religious, and they’re still not, but they wanted good things for us, and this included feeling like a part of something bigger.

Mom was all about us going to the weekly clubs, coffee mornings, and Bible summer school.

There are worse hobbies than belonging to the church marching band.

I wondered why I wasn’t charming or appealing to Christian guys, and I also felt like a fraud.

My brain kept telling me I didn’t know God the way I should, and that maybe if I was a better Christian, I’d find a man.

One of my friends said, “Don’t lose sight of the important issue: the love of Jesus is your salvation.” But what’s more important than equality?

What’s more, church is a veritable graveyard for women over a certain age.

So when I moved away to college, I kept going to church. It was a part of my identity, and I didn’t fancy hell much.

My boyfriend at the time was super-religious, and we’d go to church together. He was pretty into Jesus, so much so that he wouldn’t kiss me with the door closed. I dated this other guy, also religious, who said that he didn’t believe in touching my breasts before marriage, which I thought was a weird distinction to make, but you’ve got to respect a person’s boundaries.

I was locked in and got pretty into the evangelical lifestyle.

I had even tried to get baptized when I was 15, but the minister at my church told me I wasn’t ready.

Was I really so fickle that I only went to church to meet men? It concerned me that all the important roles in the church I attended were taken by men.


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