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These ensure that learning: Professional Recognition is not awarded at Masters Level.

There are many areas in which registered teachers/ lecturers in all sectors can gain Professional Recognition.

In a series of blog posts, I plan to provide further detail on each of the five critical skills that co-author Mitchell Levy and I believe learning professionals can put to use right away.

Each week for the next five weeks, I will write a blog post on each of the five critical skills: business acumen, rapid instructional design, social/informal learning, enterprise 2.0 collaboration, and performance support.

Professional Recognition aligns with the Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning.

This Standard is closely aligned to features of SCQF Level 11 and describes the advanced professional knowledge and pedagogical expertise that registered teachers develop and maintain as they continue to progress in teaching and across the education profession.

One of my favorite lines from the book is, “Social learning is already happening in your organization. Cultivate it.” Even if you think you’ll have resistance to implementing social learning in your organization, know that social learning is already happening, and that there is nothing you can do to stop it.

It is your job to make sure people can efficiently connect with each other so they can learn from each other.

A teacher may also choose to reflect against aspects of the Standards for Leadership and Management and, for lecturers in the College sector, the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges (Scottish Government 2011).

The Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning provides an opportunity for teachers to progress, enrich, develop and enhance their practice, expertise, knowledge, skills and professional values.

Fueled by a personal quest to avoid professional stagnation and a desire to see our profession thrive, I’ve tried to write about useful, practical, and value-added ideas that learning professionals can put to use in their work today.

What started out as three critical skills has become five critical skills — and a book.

So load up your Google Reader and let’s get started.


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