Outlook calendar not updating

Our recent updates have also tackled several other key areas in direct response to your feedback: Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to deliver user-focused features to help you get even more done on the go, as well additional security and management features that matter to IT.

We’ve also integrated this same capability into the email compose experience so email within your organization is easier than ever.

The directory search feature works for customers using commercial Office 365 or Exchange Server email.

If your request conflicts with an item on the invitees' Calendar, Outlook displays a notification.

If you, as the meeting organizer, allow this, invitees can propose an alternative meeting time.

This is a must-have capability at many businesses today and we are making quick progress on this work.

We are committed to delivering support for the new built-in MDM features for Office 365 and for Microsoft Intune later this quarter.

We also show you the number of results so that you can decide if you need to refine your query for a more targeted search.

This feature is currently available on i OS and will be coming in an update to Outlook for Android soon.

Outlook now integrates your full organizational directory (also known as the Global Address List or GAL) in the People section.

Just type in the name of the person you’re looking for in the search bar and then select Search Directory.

In addition to contacts, you can also search for other items in your directory, including conference rooms, distribution lists and Groups.


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