Online christian faith dating for christian singles

His experience of growing along with the site is common on the team. With its users and employees, Christian Connection shows deep commitment to building and maintaining long relations.

You can also filter out users without a picture, if that’s your preference.

Christian Connection monitors all photos to make sure they’re appropriate, have clear resolution, and actually show the person’s face.

She wants to maintain a sense of continuity with team members who truly care about the site.

A majority of the team is Christian and has a personal understanding of what it means to be Christian and single.

Christian Connection’s user base has surpassed 55,000 people and is still growing.

Experienced in web design development, Joff Williams joined the Christian Connection team in 2008 as a freelancer. Since then, his role has evolved to take on more and more responsibilities.

In the “Lists” tab, users can see their favorites, fans, and profile views.

From walking tours to pingpong nights, Christian Connection events are a unique feature of the site.

Members can choose to attend local dance classes, quiz nights, comedy nights, or even a holiday party.

There’s a lot of variety to suit people of all interests.

“That’s the amazing thing, really, just how many people can use the site to meet and find love, marriage, and friendships.” Christian Connection, which received the coveted title of Daters’ Favourite Dating Site at the 2015 U. Dating Awards, is recognized for its caring customer service, selective marketing campaign, helpful blog, and niche user base.

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