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Many English guys that would not meet a girl for a coffee, as Indian men do, rather they would only meet her in a pub and get her drunk.

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It’s taken me a while to work this out, since the initial difficulties of properly dating Indian men have been so all-consuming, since moving here, but I have recently figured that if you get an Indian guy to take you seriously, they are pretty romantic. Until meeting him, I would mock romance or find it difficult to define.

(Indian, of course.) He was telling me how important romance was to him in a relationship, as above the sexual side and even above common interests and intellectual compatibility.

Most of their anecdotal experiences were about chatting up Indian women with ‘one thing’ on their minds, and getting rejected as the Indian women were smart enough to spot this. Did they not realise that any girl, be she British or Indian, would not want a purely physical relationship?

“I don’t chat up girls’; ‘I can’t be bothered to court women’ they said.

In fact, if they are single, they often have no expectations.

(Married men are an exception.) You see them in CCDs across Mumbai chatting to girls for ages, and this all comes well before kissing or holding hands.

Bring up the word commitment or where the relationship is heading and they run a mile.

It’s no wonder that western men struggle to date in this city.

Indian men, thankfully, are different and do know how to court women.

Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife. I love the fact that Indian men take time to get to know girls, and are very slow on the physical front compared to British men.

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