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Its regional branches are officially called Departments of Internal Affairs—city department of internal affairs, raion department of internal affairs, oblast department of internal affairs, etc.

The Russian term for a raion department is OVD (ОВД; Отдел/Отделение внутренних дел), for region department is UVD (УВД; Управление внутренних дел) or, sometimes, GUVD (ГУВД; Главное управление внутренних дел), same for national republics is MVD, (МВД; Министерство внутренних дел).

She currently appears as Leah Layer in Honesto, where she reunites with her Walang Hanggan co-stars' Paulo Avelino and Noni Buencamino.

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During the 2011-2012 season, she portrayed Elisa Altamira in Nasaan Ka Elisa?

, the Philippine adaptation of the Chilean 2009 drama ¿Dónde está Elisa? She then played her biggest break in the role of Johanna Montenegro in the multi-acclaimed phenomenal primetime drama series, Walang Hanggan.

Functionally, Ministries of Internal Affairs are mostly police agencies.

Their functions and organization differ significantly from similarly named departments in Western countries, which are usually civil executive bodies headed by politicians and responsible for many other tasks as well as the supervision of law enforcement.

The militsiya was reaffirmed on October 28 (November 10, according to the new style dating), 1917 under the official name of the Workers' and Peasants' Militsiya, in further contrast to what the Bolsheviks called the "bourgeois class protecting" police.

Eventually, it was replaced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russian: МВД, MVD; Ukrainian: МВС, MVS; Belorussian: МУС, MUS), which is now the official full name for the militsiya forces in the respective countries.

), often confused with militia, is used as an official name of the civilian police in several former communist states.

The term was used in the Soviet Union and several Warsaw Pact countries, as well as in the non-aligned SFR Yugoslavia, and it is still commonly used in some of the individual former Soviet republics and eastern Europe.

The Soviet and successor MVDs have usually been headed by a militsiya general and predominantly consist of service personnel, with civilian employees only filling auxiliary posts.

Although such ministers are members of their respective countries' cabinet, they usually do not report to the prime minister and parliament, but only to the president.

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