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But we live in an interconnected world nowdays and its impossible to ignore or look away from history. I personally have not travelled to Korea but I have experienced being a foreign student not in my birth country.

Pure bloodlines is a myth that for some reason found its way in to the human brain and its the most evil thing out there. trying to pry them open like a clam shell is obnoxious and intrusive. I had the chance to know people from all over the world.

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He took my advances in a stride, however, his opinion never having any impact on the development of our relationship.

He explains that he simply assumed I am the kind of person who cares far more about man’s personality than his looks.My experience with Kimchi Man also says yes to this question.He was (pleasantly I hope) surprised when I showed romantic interest in him.Now we’ll come down to earth and offer you what we can: our opinions. couples are so rare that Korean men assume we don’t find them attractive.Only experience with foreign women he had before he met me was while he was doing his Korean military service.You see, at 19 years old I was an international student at Yonsei University. ) but the amazing thing is how little it sounds like things have changed. One thing that was really funny was that because I am smaller even than an average size Korean woman at barely 5 feet tall and 105 pounds.


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