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That's what wrong with the world, we are to worried about our neighbor's business when we should be worried about our own. If Jr gets his lawyer and sister to help him make decisions on a pre nup soon all his assests will be his and everything should work out. I heard a rumor that Amy and Junior will be getting married.

Junior finally admitted to having a girlfriend and it is believed to be her.

Jr like orange she pins orange, Jr likes skulls and she pins skulls, the list goes on.

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She calms him when he worries, and he worries all the time.

and his wife, Amy, candidly discuss his struggle with concussions in a two-part Sports Center conversation with Marty Smith airing Saturday and Sunday.

Darlington Raceway on a Wednesday in December is vast and cold and empty. Time and again his family has crashed and broken, through death and divorce and detachment, and he has spent his life welding the scraps together.

There are no fans, just a NASCAR official and a Charlotte neurosurgeon. It's about whether Dale Jr.'s brain has healed enough to do what his heart needs so bad. His soon-to-be-wife, Amy Reimann, was supposed to be with him, but there was a mix-up over the time, and he couldn't wait on her -- the chopper needed to leave the house in North Carolina while their four buffalo were across the pasture. His legion of fans, his loyal crew, his best friends, the woman he has fallen in love with -- in his low moments, he sees them as blessings he didn't earn and doesn't deserve.

Nex·Fan îf Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Amy Reimann ànd Tommy Cook's Marriage Broken up bó Dale Jr Hot Girlfriends Weird Injuries thå Enquirer hаs sources în record saying NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. will hàve thå Diet Mountain Dew , 'AP/Amy Sancetta “Amy got involved with Dale Earnhardt whilå shå wаs still married tо Tommy.

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He did say last week though that he's not in any hurry to get married.

I expect he has good people around him to make sure his assets are well looked after and protected. Jr should get rid of the gold digger slut he is to good for that trash she will do him the same way she did her husband he needs to save his carree and his money and get away from the gold digging slut Marry like hell.

around town is that Amy Reimann Cook committed adultery with Dale Earnhardt Jr and her husband, Tommy Cook, divorced her.

She showed up at the racetrack with Jr and went on vacation with him to Aspen before she had even filed for divorce. If she lives with Junior for two years, she becomes his common law wife and, therefore, can dip generously into his finances/pocket.

broke up the marriage between Amy Reimann and Tommy Cook Dale Earnhardt Jr. Amy Reimann, and broke up her marriage to a college football coach, insiders say. Why do some people have to keep mentioning that Dale Jr. Discussion forum for Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s girlfriend.


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