How to cope with an intimidating boss gratis dating site norge

Isabell Welpe of Technische Universität München in Germany.

Good leaders are thought to be strong-willed and assertive; characteristics typically associated with men.

If your boss is indeed intimidated by you, consider reflecting on the way you communicate.

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Furthermore, your boss accords you with a good level of respect.

Perhaps, you’ll even get on their good side and gain work-related benefits!

An astounding 72% of employees have reported to feeling ‘threatened’ in their workplace.

While your boss is your superior, it does not give them the right to strong-arm you in any way.

Speak to trusted colleagues in person instead of via email to keep the conversation private. Saying that you’d like to understand your boss better is more effective than making negative comments.

Gossip in the office is never a good thing, so keep your inquiry as confidential as possible.

You might perceive your boss as being intimidated by you, but it might just be your perceptions of how leaders of different genders are supposed to act.

It is very easy to jump to conclusions about a behavior you see in others.

Preferably, make an appointment when there is no pressure for work and break the issue gently and sensitively.

Dialogue is a good foundation through which you can establish a good working relationship with your boss.

If your boss seems intimidated by you, your appearance, or your performance, you might think the position should be filled by somebody else.

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