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What you’ve failed to understand is that women aren’t attracted to you because of what you’re doing or saying, but because of who you’re BEING.

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Next time she says Well, it’s getting late, time for bed, you can say, Wow, I don’t even know if I find you sexy yet and you want to jump right into bed eh? Next time the two of you are eating out together say this to waiter, Can you please give us your most romantic table? Youd be surprised at how often the waiter will treat you to something free to celebrate, plus it gets you role-playing together. If you’re secretly into her then you’re likely giving her way too many compliments. Instead open your evening with, Hey, you actually look pretty good tonight almost like you’re being sarcastic. The deadly disease that causes you to only have passions for one woman because you’ve fooled yourself into thinking she’s unique, special and one-of-a-kind. If your mind is messed up with this one girl, then you need to be distracted and brought back to reality there are many other women who are just as happy to be your special girl. Theres nothing quite as attractive as a man other women want to be with. 2) She doesn’t like it and feels flattered by your advances and you remain good friends. Then you should suddenly lean across the table, slowly like you know a secret that you don’t want the waiter to know, and wait until she pulls in close, then whisper in her ear with as much hot breath as possible, Then lean back and keep eating like you said nothing special.

– Say No to everything she says, suggests, or asks. If she says, Lets have dinner tonight at 6 then you say, No. And wear those cute jeans that make your butt look great. you say, Oh nobody you know, but I can promise you she was HOT! Its called social proof and its amazingly effective at helping a girl to notice you. 3) She doesn’t like it and feels you can’t be friends anymore (very unlikely unless you shoved your hands down her pants.) Seducing a friend into a lover is a lot like boiling a live frog you cant just toss her into a pot of boiling water, she’ll jump out.

She must never suspect you’re trying something new.

She will definitely FEEL that you’re being different but you must never confirm or deny this to her.

Simply learning that these steps exist will get you in the game, instead of sidelined confused and upset.

If you’re currently (Learn all of the secrets of attraction, tension, and seduction from Robby’s very own Online Video Training – 50% off via this link, for a limited time! Just email me directly via [email protected]) A huge reason you’ve end up being just friends with a woman is because you skipped the ATTRACTION STAGE and went straight into the RAPPORT STAGE.Plus, the more women you practice your flirting with, the better you’ll be at it. Instead you must turn up the heat slowly so that she doesn’t even notice until its too late (you’re married.) You must escalate your sexual relationship slowly (without stopping) so that she can feel comfortable with each stage. The first 4 steps help stop her assumptions that you’re just friends without freaking her out. You don’t want to test your skills on the woman you REALLY want until you feel confident in your delivery and body language. The real reason you’re in this mess is because you didn’t have the balls to make your move on the first date. This last step is all about taking action the action you neglected at the start of the relationship. 2) You play it safe and end up becoming good friends. We all know how this goes: 1) You meet a beautiful woman but you’re too scared to ask her out. while seduce a friend into your lover feels more challenging… She’s already a friend, she already likes you, she’s already got her boundaries down. 3) You secretly have a huge crush on her but you don’t know how to tell her, and the last thing you want to do is ruin the friendship.


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