Eva longoria matt barnes dating

Barnes said the real reason that they broke up was because of Govan's infidelity, not the rumors surrounding his relationship with A-list acress Eva Longoria, which Longoria and Barnes deny.

The former Brandi Padilla married Kevin Garnett in 2004, with K. Kobe famously gave her a $4 million ring after admitting to being unfaithful to her with Katelyn Faber.

Link to the NBA She’s the girlfriend of Devin Harris What’s her deal?

She has also appeared as a spokesmodel for Maybelline and has dabbled in acting.

She famously claimed to be opposed to premarital sex and maintained that she was a virgin until her marriage to Jaric.

Gloria Govan (wife-to-be of Orlando Magic forward Matt Barnes) is a smart, educated and opinionated young woman. Here, she tells her side of what went down on VH1’s reality series, A lot of people don’t know you're part Latina. It's hard for me being a stay at home mom and sometimes feeling like a single mom because Matt travels four to six months a year.

I was like, "Do you really think that I would choose somebody over my family? I have two kids who are 18 months, so I don’t really hang out with these women and I am not interested in meeting up with them or throwing water in anybody’s face.

"The reason I broke my silence and released the separation statement a month ago, was due to her on going affair with a former friend of mine.

Again, I wish her nothing but the best and I will continue to keep our children as my first priority." ALSO: Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley?

She appeared on the cover of that issue with Seth Rogen, and has also appeared with Jason Kidd’s Mavericks jersey painted on her body.

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