Dating western w49 bowie knife

Still I'm hoping someone may know of a reference that I can get better up to speed on these bowies. I don’t remember the exact price but I remember it being what I considered a lot and Buck was the knife to have for a teenager back in the late 60’s and early 70’s in my neck of the woods then. It seems that during that time the sheath offered with the Western changed from the more traditional style to the ring hanger style. Hello; Brian I have been collecting Vietnam Militaria for over 30 years; Western Bowies have always been my favorite Knife.

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Anyway I guess Mike has already answered one question and that both types of handle are period correct.

Still I'm hoping someone may know of a reference that I can get better up to speed on these bowies.

Also the style of handle seems to change from one that is as wide as the hilt to one that is thicker and bevels down to the hilt.

So far I haven’t been able to run across any references that would help me with a general dating of these knives.

My piticular knife is as you list as example three.

Guard marked Western Boulder COLO USA on the name side and BOWIE on the reverse. The sheath is the ring hanger style and I couldn't remember just when they started using it. The handle material is a synthetic stag held on with three large pins.

I,however,am not an expert on them or their dating.

If you go back aways in the threads, I think you might find more info on them.

Was told a long time ago that this is a date stamp and indicates it was made in, I think, 1984. SEMPER FI Allen In 1978 Western moved from Boulder to Longmont, CO. In 1990 they were sold again and went back to the name of Western Cutlery.


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