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The impressive fortress with two towers and double walls, dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, continues to be the focal point of the town.

Within the fortification, four gates: the Porta do Santiago (or Porta do Sol), Porta de Gaviana (a Gothic arch), Porta da Fonte da Vila and Porta da Coroada and twelve ramparts built at different times have been preserved.

See lush green landscapes, fishing ports, a costume museum, and other fabulous views along the way.

Here you can enjoy an authentic lunch while learning about the history of the city.

Barcelos, capital of the art-craft, still marks the pinnacle of (picturesque) with the famous legend of the rooster and the weekly antique fair held on Thursdays.

Valenca do Minho is a historical town in the North of Portugal, located on the border with Spain, with only the lovely Minho river separating it from its neighboroughing country.

The town is surrounded by defensive walls, showing its ancient defensive facet.

Take a look inside of the Costume Museum and make sure to snap a photo of the iconic Senhor da Cruz church that looms over the city.

Journey to Ponte de Lima, considered to be the oldest Portuguese village and is perhaps the most enchanting place in the country.

Explore the Minho province of Portugal which maintains its ancient customs and is rich in culture.

This is your chance to visit 3 cities outside of Porto and really embrace the region.

After a brief rundown of your itinerary for the day, set off to discover this historic area.

Pay a visit to the coastal town of Viana do Castelo which is one of the gems of Minho and features breathtaking architecture on a beautiful coastline.

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