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Here are a few notes I made about Lefton as I was reading up online:-George Z.

Lefton China was officially closed as of November 30, 2001, but has been reopened under new ownership.

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I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but would wager it’s pretty close.

You might find the most recent identification and price guides helpful as well.

Pottery Mark Unknown - C inside a circle - Green Pea Pod Dish:- At a garage sale recently, I spotted a rather strange dish of sorts and decided to buy it.

The dish is bright green and it's of a pea pod with several peas in it. Thank you, Janene Fentress ========================================******UPDATE: Visitor Gail has very possible solved this mystery for us - she says Lefton China - scroll down to the bottom entry on this page for her full post and my reply******Comment by Peter (admin)We have had a rash of queries about a mystery Pottery Mark - C inside a circle.

At the time of this writing, these can be bought on Amazon for as little as a couple of bucks!

Another site that explains marks and dates is Nancy’s Collectibles Also, e Bay is a good place to find the current going price for some pieces. It all depends on who is looking and who is buying at any given time.

I have been researching this mark, but have not found anything yet.

I just stummbled across some information about this mark.

Have read about the 'fake labels' on PM&of which, when I checked, Lefton were mentioned alongside Arnart for being fakers of famous antique pottery marks (a pet hate of the publisher).

However, in researching, I find Lefton, in particular, is getting quite a following for its own sake - not because they are being 'passesd off'.

Baton & Son Inc." Hi All I think I have a real clue as to who used this copyright mark as their pottery mark on some items It is Lefton.


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