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There’s no reason why age should stop you finding love and happiness, which is why e Harmony is committed to helping and men and women over 40 find love.

Dating can be intimidating and overwhelming — and maybe even terrifying — for anyone, no matter your age.

While dating after 40 might appear to have its unique set of challenges, it doesn’t have to be something to be dreaded. Don’t let a sense of urgency or the proverbial ticking clock impair your dating judgment.

It can take a few dates to know if there’s potential for something to develop between two people.

While it’s important to be patient when getting to know someone, you don’t have to waste time in the wrong relationship.

Use that wisdom that comes with age to carefully assess what you need — and to identify any red flags and non-negotiables that appear early on.

If you’re coming out of a marriage or long-term relationship, don’t rush back into dating if you’re not emotionally ready for someone new.So, you’ve completed your Relationship Questionnaire, updated your profile and are keen to start meeting your matches – what next?Well, e Harmony makes it easy for you to connect with over 40s that catch your eye.If you don’t have kids and want them, are you willing to walk away from a relationship if he doesn’t?You may be a little intimidated by the dating scene, but don’t let those dating insecurities get in your way. Know your strengths, enlist a friend who’s good at pep talks to encourage you, and take a few chances.You know what matters most to you and can identify your priorities and passions. You don’t want to be with someone who can’t support you in those. Be honest and open with trusted loved ones that you’re looking for love.


  1. - Never reveal info that could identify yourself prior to a date. Never reveal your real (family) name, address or bank account details.

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  7. Meeting someone is not that easy and it can be harder than just walk up to ask someone about their relationship status…(Read More) Older Dating: What every older single should know Uncoupling can be difficult to deal with, especially for elderly men.

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