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It’s also up to you to set the tone for the relationship …just as first dates don’t want to hear about what was wrong with your marriage, your ex’s family doesn’t want to hear about all the bad things your ex’s has done.

At 4 months in, he came to me with the idea of fixing up the downstairs bedroom and asking if I wanted to stay on and take care of her full time until I found a job, he knew the gas was getting to be an issue not to mention I didn’t have the best of cars.

I spoke with my parents just to make sure nobody would be creeped out by this and told them that this was just a babysitting gig to help keep my niece close to me.

This is obviously influenced by the relationship you’ve had with them during the marriage and I think also by the duration of your marriage.

It’s also a two-way street – both parties have to want to keep the relationship alive and both have to decide not to take sides.

I felt like in many ways this was a way of keeping my sister close to me as well.

I’ve lived here now for almost 2 years, which I do not regret.

In other words he would buy groceries and I was free to use whatever I wanted.

This worked out for awhile but it was becoming expensive driving back and forth everyday with no income coming in.

She, however, could not take off anymore time from work and Brian was faced with the very real problem of child care and having to work full time with no help.

At this point in time, I had lost my job due to budget cuts and I offered to help him out.

The only former in-laws I have are my brother-in-law, his wife and their daughter who live on the East Coast.



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