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We do mix in some current “live” interpretations as well as mix it up by having our female singers sing lead or duets with some tunes.

“Dirty Work” is a good example.” Submerged in a highly competitive tribute band genre that has made its mark on the live music scene, Marrazzo and his band mates are taking it all in stride and reveling in the dedicated fan base that supports their creative efforts.

“We currently have more than 65 songs in our repertoire – all the hits plus plenty of deep cuts.

So, it’s a safe bet you will never see the same show twice. There is always room for improvement and we’ve tweaked a few things along the way.

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We were getting together there for fun to just play songs we all knew. We would get together and play Beatles tunes, The Police and classic rock tunes.

Just get together, drink some beer and play some songs.

At one point Toy, who is the original guitar player and still with the band, called me up and said, ‘I’m really having fun with this project we’re doing and from that came the decision to evolve into a tribute to Steely Dan.

That was around 2007.” “We are defined first and foremost by our love of the music,” adds Marrazzo.

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