Dating an aussie girl

And you need to be careful when using our slang words yourself in a sentence, as sometimes the same words will mean something different depending on the tone of voice.

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For example, a Brick Layer becomes a "Brickie" just like a Truck Driver is a "Truckie".

We do tricky things with our mates names too - our friend Dave becomes Dave-O and Robert becomes Robbo, but Ben becomes Benny and Michelle becomes Shelly...

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Dating in the cities is ritualized, competitive and full of players and poseurs; dating in regional and country areas tends to be much more down-to-earth.

Aussie Sheilas Aussie sheilas can be incredibly hot, average or real scrubbers.

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[downright ugly] Attitudes towards sex and dating are quite liberal and religion has little influence so Australian women have nothing to fear apart from pregnancy, s or having the nude photographs their boyfriends took posted on a dubious amateurs’ website.

Australia has produced more beautiful women than you can have an orgy with: Elle Mc Pherson, Miranda Kerr and Miss Universe winner Jennifer Hawkins, among others.

There is more slang than these words we use in our everyday life too, as sometimes we will use slang just so we can shorten a sentence!


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