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An elderly lady unwittingly plays the part of Borat's '47-year-old' mother.The village mechanic is cast as the local abortionist.

'They portrayed me as a gynaecologist and that I do abortions. I don't do abortions, and that's the thing that bothers me most.

If it was a documentary that was really about us, I wouldn't mind.' Another resident, Nicolae Tudorache - who was told at the time that the rubber sex toy filmmakers attached to his amputated arm was, in fact, a prosthetic - was equally devastated. They conned us into doing all these things and never told us anything about what was going on.

Brüno interviews "PR guru" Paul Wilmot and visits New York for fashion week.

Interviewee: Former head of the Immigration and Naturalization Service James Ziglar Borat learns about American hobbies by visiting a self-defense expert, a yoga teacher, and a New Age dance class. Ali G leads a roundtable "diskushen" about animal rights. Ali G leads a roundtable "diskushen" about medical ethics.

Skit: Ali pitches his new movie Booka in Cannes Interviewee: Neil Hamilton The Message: Ali leads a roundtable discussion on Animal Rights Ali G hosts the game show Who Wants to Win an Ounce? Ali G learns about art (from, among others, James Lipton).

Borat Learns about British etiquette Music Guest: Gaz Coombes of Supergrass Ali's Final Thought Skit: Ali rescues a "fit bitch" from prison and speaks about respect The Message: Politics DJ Tha4orce: "You touch my decks you die! " Interviewee: John Humphrys Ali G presents his new home shopping channel, QVG Borat learns about British comedy Music Guest: Fran Healy from Travis Skit: Ali is picked out of a police lineup Ali G visits Hollywood to learn about US TV, including Sally Jessy Raphael DJ Tha4orce reminisces about Ali's Julie Interviewee: Roy Hattersley The Message: Family Ali G "Turns the tables in the Third World with Turntables" Music Guest: Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders Skit: Ali is sentenced to death by electricity Ali G learns about the FB, Aiiii. DJ Tha4orce speaks to Ali's DJing skills Interviewee: Mohamed Al Fayed Ali G learns about dangerous Drugs Borat learns about hunting in Britain Music: Ali jams with Mohamed Al Fayed Skit: Ali's musical tribute to his childhood The Message: The Environment Borat visits Cambridge University Ali G warns the St. Only when watching the film on the small, crackly TV in their local bar, did the truth start to dawn: here they were, portrayed as a backward group of rapists, abortionists and prostitutes, who happily also engage in casual incest.One local girl, 'cast' as Borat's sister, is described as the 'number-four prostitute in the whole of Kazakhstan'.Most people eke out a living peddling scrap iron or working scrubby patches of land.


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