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If there have been things that annoyed you, only mention them if your ex can change anything about it. Also, you don’t have time to evaluate possible answers when they interrupt you with questions.In any case, follow the three golden rules from above and be polite.

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If you’ve ever tried that, you’ll know it is definitely not one of the easiest ways to end relationships.

Because what will probably happen is that your ex won’t get it or won’t want to let it go that easily.

In other words, handle them like a stalker, not like someone you once cared for. Change your contact information, block or ignore the person, delete their information from all your accounts, turn off your “online status” report, lock them out by making accounts private or shared with friends only. For any future online relationships, know that this could happen with anyone, anytime. Do you want to respond, but don’t know how to do it right?

That means you may never encourage them in any way. Hence, limit the amount of information you share about yourself. You might find this article on How to Write a Goodbye Letter helpful.

What was the worst way someone has broken up with you?

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It’s like in a traditional relationship, you won’t just text your ex-to-be, but you will sit down and talk (if you’re polite anyways).

This is by no means the easiest way to end a relationship as you are not able to foresee their reactions and act accordingly. Begin with the positive memories, what was gained in the relationship, what did you enjoy, and why did you appreciate being with your ex.

Breaking up over the phone is probably the most inconvenient way. Be prepared, make sure it’s a good time to talk for your ex, be respectful, polite, and determined.


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