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We’ve done all the hard testing parts for you, and that’s how we know for sure that these sites are the ones that will actually work for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re paying for them or if they’re a free BDSM dating site.

There are so many sites out there that are just scams, and won’t get you a single date.

We cover our costs via adverts within the site so we don't have to charge you anything to be a member.

Please engage with our adverts and don't forget it is these adverts that allow our site to be free.

We went through their profiles to specifically find the perfect girls that we were looking for.

We wanted women that we actually wanted to be around, because otherwise, what would be the point in meeting up with them?

We tested our strategies and tips on the dates we went on so that we would know for sure what works, and what doesn’t.

These weren’t spam e-mails that we tossed out to any random girl.

There’s no doubt that Perversions, ALT, and were the best real BDSM dating sites that we found.


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