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It’s all a bit strange as he has been linked with Johnny’s ex, Fabiola.' Insiders are already claiming there are a great deal of similarities between Johnny and Andrew, who was recently seen partying in Camden, London.The source added to Britain’s The Sun newspaper: "Andrew made quite an impression with the girls in the Camden crowd, so they’ve got a few things in common there too.

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The throng of teens gab and hop while sporting neon sunglasses, half-shirts, full-body catsuits—and headbands.

More headbands than I ever thought I'd see in one place.

MGMT‘s Andrew Van Wyngarden has set the record straight about his alleged romance with Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst. “Not only is Kirsten Dunst NOT dating Van Wyngarden, she was in Los Angeles during the festivals The Sun claimed she was attending in Europe,” they said.

They explained that not only has he never dated Dunst, but denied the story’s claim that he was romantically linked with Fabiola Gatti, who once dated Razorlight‘s Johnny Borrell, as did Dunst.

The psych-pop act's self-titled third album has yet to be officially announced at the time of the show, but they still sell out the 10,000-capacity venue and, by the end of the night, roughly 1,000 hopeful attendees will be turned away.

Despite the presence of a few stray parents, twentysomething nerds, and lonely guys with ponytails, the crowd is young enough to make even a college freshman question their own mortality.[NME] Kirsten is doing it with MGMT's drummer (eventhough they keep it "secret"). Andrew is still doing it with Fabiola (eventhough they both deny it). A girlfriend of a friend of a guy who dowloaded a song and emailed it to my uncle's co-worker's friend confirmed it. On this Wednesday evening in early June, MGMT are headlining Artpark Amphitheater in the sleepy town of Lewiston, New York, near Niagara Falls.Kirsten pulled Johnny on Razorlights 2007 US tour before turning up at that years SXSW festival on the back of his motorbike.

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