American dating european man

However, there is a social trend that is ever increasing, and one incident for a "great" women does not make up for the 1000 who aren't so great.

American dating european man

I have noticed American women tend to be extremely distant.

Dating norms, so we want to be equal yet these remain?

What I am doing is trying to see how many men have the same views as me, and if they would be willing to participate in a future project.

I understand that America has some great women, and not all Women fit into the information below.

Speaking as a European, I can't say I'm surprised if it's the case.

There seems to be a sense of "entitlement" which comes from many women on this board. ) When I hear discussion on "rules" of dating, or how women expect to be approached, and treated during dating, I have to thank my lucky stars that I don't live in the USA !!!

When I approach European women, they are so much more inviting.

They expect you to initiate, however, it is not like walking up to a wall of ice and having to chisel your way through to see whats on the other side.

With European Women, the rules tend to be more set in stone.


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