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He lost his seat in the 1945 general election, but was elected in 1950 for Stratford-on-Avon.From 1951 he held junior ministerial office in successive Conservative administrations.

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Keeler knew both Profumo and Ivanov through her friendship with Stephen Ward, an osteopath and socialite who had taken her under his wing.

The exposure of the affair generated rumours of other scandals, and drew official attention to the activities of Ward, who was charged with a series of immorality offences.

Catholic Family Associations first filed a legal complaint against the site’s U. based publisher, Black Divine, in a Paris court in February 2015.

The group said the advertisements for the site were crude and immoral and constituted a breach of an article in French civil code.

"It states quite openly that its purpose is to offer married women opportunities to have sex outside the marriage,” she said.

"But here in France, people and parliament are all in agreement that marriage is a public commitment. What we are trying to do with our suit is show that the civil code – the law – has meaning." Gleeden argued in the case that it was merely facilitating affairs, and that the demand for them already existed.

The website, Gleeden, advertises itself as “The first extramarital dating site made by women,” with a logo featuring a half-eaten apple referencing the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

Launched in 2009, the website claims to be a world leader in coordinating extramarital affairs, with a million users in France and 2.4 million throughout the world.

Several towns and bus companies opted to remove the advertisements after receiving numerous complaints.

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