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Four and a half decades after they were hitched by an IBM mainframe, Michael and Mina Jo Linver are still married.

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One of the biggest questions this throuple gets asked...

is how polyamorous and monogamous couples can add another girl to their life.

Mina Jo Rosenbloom was in her junior year when she and Michael Linver, just admitted to medical school, became computer dating’s digital Adam and Eve. He came across a crazy ad for a dating service that used computers.

Their mutual willingness to take a chance paid off.

Even the most well intentioned and charming couple can make a few mistakes that trigger something known as the “creep alarm.” This prevents any type of wooing from happening and cuts the interaction short before it can actually develop. and get her inner voice working for you instead of against you… The JJ Roberts in the mudfest there is the author of Sex 3.0, used in a rival relationship-advice business. Roberts goes on a rant about how unattractive Brooke is with her half-buzzcut (WTF?

That’s why Adam created this special video for you that answers this question and teaches you to… ), and how can a guy who poses as an expert in attraction allow his woman to look like that (WTF? That batch of tabloid articles about the triad last April gives more of their backstory. If you've never heard of PUA training, here's the xkcd's comic's famous take. Part 1 (7 minutes) The segment's blurb: Growing Trend Of Polyamory Steve has tackled the topic that has a lot of people raising their eyebrows. ------------------------------ Update the next morning: Uh-oh, there's more to this story! Turns out Adam runs a dating-techniques-for-men business (along with Brooke and Jane).It’s a growing relationship trend across America — Polyamory, meaning more than two people in a romantic relationship with each other. Greenfizzpops went poking further and comments, If you go to the article about this interview on Adam's website, the video promising to teach you more seems very much like teaching pick up artist (PUA) techniques to unicorns hunters. With an emphasis on manipulative, creepy-sounding techniques for unicorn hunting.If you're not up to speed on how PUAs are regarded generally, a typical tale: I Dated An Ex-Pickup Artist. More update: In a hot reddit thread after the show, Adam (AFCAdam) explains his position: The PUA industry split in half. The difference is we teach them that focusing on getting laid doesn't work. It was also the start of an industry designed to exploit a market: millions of singles eager – or desperate – to find a match. With some 1,500 sites claiming they can match your personality type, your genes – even your facial structure - to potential mates, no company touts a “formula for success” as much as e Harmony, which owns 15 percent of the market. “We’ve always focused on long-term relationships,” he said. But really, when it comes down to it, our desire to find someone to connect with, to find a long-term relationship is a very deep part of our psyche.” Long before the conversation turns to matrimony, finding your online match takes commitment.

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