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"Even when someone is hit and becomes a victim there's a lot of shame and fear because they do not know who has seen the materials and that makes them very reluctant to talk about it and come forward," said Mr Benson.

In other cases involving videos that showed shocking or illegal images, You Tube had deployed teams of people to handle complaints and hunt down offending clips, he said.

"The humans can see things that the algorithm is just not going to pick up," he said.

The case was brought to court when the former Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf went to the police after being targeted by Abrahams.

Google asked to police stolen webcam videos on You Tube By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, Las Vegas You Tube should do more to police and remove video clips made using hijacked webcams, say digital campaigners.

As their name implies, this gives an attacker access to a victim's computer and grants them as much control over it as its real owner.

Many sites that offer people links to pirated content harboured the Trojans and infected people who thought they would be getting free songs, movies or games when they clicked on the link.Short clips were often placed on You Tube and used as a way to get people to visit other sites where more footage was available for a fee.Streams featuring young women were the most popular and carried the highest charges, he said.In a statement, Google said: "You Tube has clear policies that outline what content is acceptable to post and we remove videos violating these policies when flagged by our users." The same should be done with these clips that often frighten, humiliate and terrorise victims, said Mr Benson.However, Google appeared to dismiss the report based on its source.In a report released at the Black Hat conference, the Digital Citizens Alliance said it had found thousands of videos on You Tube that featured stolen footage.


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