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Nikki’s Boardroom Retreats® have been running for over 10 years and are a regular feature from entrepreneurs to large corporations.

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Her first book VITALITY is available direct here and on Amazon in hard copy and kindle.

Nikki works across a variety of platforms and specialty products that over the past decade have become the core pillars of her presenting, writing, coaching and retreats.

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Speaker, author & lifestyle coach, Nikki specialises in working with super driven individuals and companies to find the ultimate health & vitality – in business and in life. Her Own Mantra: Think Like A CEO, Plan Like A Visionary, Act Like a Buddha.

Increased online time, busy commuting and no personal down time is causing a huge disconnect with not only people living their passion and enjoying their job – but actually knowing when they need to balance their weeks and enjoy life at every phase.

When you have the right mindset you can suddenly tailor your week differently, reconnect with healthy living in a way that suits your lifestyle and build a strong foundation for -healthy, wealthy, wise’.

She took the time to understand us and tailored an approach that aligned with our values, personal and business goals.

Working with Nikki is for people who are committed to being, doing and having…

Rowdy Mc Lean, Play A Bigger Game In an environment where we constantly need more and more from our people, it was great to be able to run workshop that will help people have a truly successful year both personally and professionally – and that’s what Nikki Fogden-Moore creates.

To be amazing at work, you have to feel amazing in life. Nikki Fogden-Moore takes a holistic approach to health.

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