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I've also (relatively commonly) heard such sounds called sex noises (not sounds), which might actually be your best bet here: "It's cute when she makes sex noises while she's fighting."I like whimper and I hadn't thought of that. Maybe "short whimper sound" or "high whimper sound" works best in the Buffy example.

squeak - peep, cheep, pipe, piping, squeal, tweet, yelp, whimper Thank you for your interest in this question.

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So the idea of dealing with sex in an Irish context is really funny and really important. Earlier this year, Brendan returned the favour by picking up Domhnall’s Ifta, awarded for his performance as Bob Geldof in the TV drama . Veritable armies of well-paid professionals produce those films.

The notion of Irish men having sex still seems faintly ridiculous unless you’re Colin Farrell.” Hall’s picture is very good on the way today’s younger people – even if they’ve yet to see a real bosom – learn a disturbing amount about the mechanics of sex from steamier corners of the internet. “We started off on a shoot in Wales with a ‘skeleton crew’ of about a hundred people,” he says. Then suddenly we were in the studio with 300 people.

And I just couldn't find the right word to use that made sense.

It's easy to make the sound, and everyone knows what it is.Like his dad, he speaks in proper sentences that come together to form complete paragraphs.Still, the syntax does break down a little when I allude to the first scene in his current project.Interesting questions are being asked about our nation’s continuing queasiness when addressing sexuality. “They have dealt with that in the States: with social realism, with romantic comedy. Ponder the Gleeson archives and you realise that Domhnall must be old enough to remember his father’s steady rise from occasional actor to undisputed national treasure. But my memories before the age of 10 don’t really exist. (His recent, amusing short, , starring Brendan and his brother Brian, shows a great deal of promise in that area.) Then he accepted an Irish Film and Television Academy Award for his father, who was busy elsewhere. I rented a flat in Rathmines and wandered around as Bob Geldof to get the walk right. I met him backstage and he said: ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were playing me.’ Maybe he hated it. It’s not a huge part, but membership of the Potter family bestows status on an actor.But I can’t think of any Irish films that have sex as a central theme. If you actually found somebody to have sex with you were then on a voyage of discovery. His speech was so entertaining that the script for Martin Mc Donagh’s was put his way and, having never really intended to act, he suddenly found himself playing a key role in the Broadway production of that gruesome melodrama. The experience also introduced him to the terrifying world of mega-budgeted movie-making.The other day I was texting someone and I was talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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