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Many VCWs are available to all registered members, but a bounty of new and never before seen VCWs become available to our VIP and Platinum members!

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There are a number of secrets and tidbits of information about our favorite little "dissociated social network" that Andrey would much prefer to sweep under the rug. The Hunters found incredible success by changing the output of their Many Cam software to a pre-recorded video.

Much of the original style and novelty of the platform has given way to the late night machinations of Andrey and the presumed team now working under him. Generally, these videos were of average looking girls.

We're also the most mobile-friendly Tube site around, every video is viewable on your PC, tablet, or phone.

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Soon, females had wisened up to the videos of other women and were demanding things like a wave on cue, or for the fake video to blow a kiss. But, like Moore's law, technology kept getting better.

Next, elite member captain of the Hunter community had released "Virtual Cam Girls" which immediately smoothened things out.

To become a premium (GOLD) member for life and unlock this feature, all you have to do is buy any amount of tokens one time!

younghot (C/38&36) espcouple (C/57&56) Jim Beam (C/45&46) micionemiao (C/31&58) falcon21 (C/56&54) Wendyand Peter (C/54&53) -e Xpaerchen- (C/50&47) anipro (C/45&40) mikehand (C/55&54) Sexynymphe88 (C/30&28) timandbelinda (C/57&49) bbsgb (C/49&48) Spiderman (C/54&54) Tantric (C/40&40) mkd10 (C/55&55) wayupnorth (C/64&59) All natural (C/49&43) Roxy X (C/47&47) rubenshexe (C/50&43) PERUVIANWOLFX (C/41&66) Frits (C/47&47) Chiara e Riccardo (C/55&55) Gordy157 (C/62&59) incubus1976 (C/40&42) kummy (C/50&47) umclergy (C/56&53) Benjic (C/32&32) darkangel63 (C/71&64) gorgeous58 (C/59&58) ali1179 (C/58&47) lguns (C/56&27) Miss Chouklette (C/35&34) leben73 (C/56&55) countrygirlcunt (C/49&52) Deep Horizon (C/35&35) webenakid (C/54&47) jec0522 (C/55&42) Westlight (C/47&50) Schnurzel (C/66&56) mkekinksters (C/36&32) Cleopatra68 (C/48&48) citrom_agi (C/56&56) athana (C/45&40) chips3 (C/76&54) carlsbad7 (C/43&40) fshpaar (C/52&52) CEcouple (C/44&40) DC09 (C/33&34) 11036264 (C/55&58) couplecoquinl54 (C/48&45) johnboy08 (C/48&45) licker99 (C/34&18) tim444 (C/56&52) spmsmith (C/52&52) pipic47 (C/47&48) pavel666 (C/48&48) paarm (C/46&38) Dirty Sweet (F/60) Lustpaar2010 (F/31) Spanish Olga (F/30) Cindy779 (F/37) Geile Ficksau (F/48) ken455 (F/44) Marlene129 (F/46) Sexy Milf Feet (F/46) Faken1983 (F/36) vivit (M/36) Heaty (M/44) Aramis_5175 (M/45) queque6383 (M/54) zigman (M/38) ed-king (M/48) snatchtractor (M/36) Mr Softee (M/61) guy4naughtygal (M/54) Latexguy (M/48) rhino136 (M/56) Abbo6a (M/46) phcum (M/46) Le Cuir (M/34) yogii (M/54) mann61 (M/55) arby135642 (M/56) bellxvue (M/51) wally2099 (M/40) fellatius (M/49) Havaniceday (M/27) warriorthrall (M/37) mixxx (M/52) Exposeme83 (M/33) nightwing51 (M/42) gbgean (M/54) hokieball411 (M/29) pekosko (M/57) tylervg (M/38) masive (M/36) Badmobil (M/56) Mr Bever (M/32) Wysesonic (M/27) jinko (M/42) djroy2000 (M/37) Softwife3000 (M/34) Renegade1230789 (M/38) edlguy (M/60) bigdanger (M/62) ozzy112233 (M/33) kkhoriman (M/54) Vojtech1 (M/39) casperolewis (M/64) Lobonc (M/28) 247master (M/48) katman03 (M/74) wert37 (M/34) Jand S69 (M/47) wtxbp (M/67) horndog2000 (M/57) poolplayer_ecv (M/48) ggg531 (M/44) efgh (M/45) Matt12mu (M/44) bennynw (M/47) xingue (M/36) Volic (M/59) happyphotog33 (M/33) kolchash42 (M/39) Mike P (M/48) steve4u (M/35) spainslut (M/44) Lello (M/30) bigbubba1 (M/49) Alec This (M/48) 75dennis (M/41) poppy52 (M/64) neugasse (M/38) tosca51 (M/64) pat24 (M/31) pvcmacgr (M/49) perfectp (M/39) ladyshaver (M/62) popeldreher (M/51) itaykatz (M/41) credential12 (M/43) Pedredoliber (M/32) Barzda (M/53) silverhawc99 (M/35) nexmart1 (M/50) zeppi33 (M/48) 19Dominator67 (M/49) patrick1981 (M/35) mustanglx66 (M/60) Cisco42 (M/52) icelocker (M/48) Stormin (M/58) primetime1957 (M/56) thechef777 (M/68) moby23 (M/58) Peter_279 (M/65) lurchi (M/52) dezo1 (M/43) hapacity (M/35) peter_s01 (M/58) Pyton88 (M/28) Every Time (M/50) bavarian007 (M/52) goehler58 (M/59) vinnievo (M/45) Freezemand (M/27) j777mrk (M/57) hrd4hrs (M/70) apont69 (M/62) Sukac (M/26) dikke (M/48) This site contains amateur photos and homemade videos.

Today maybe might feature a telephone #, or some other experimental test. But I always wondered who actually called that number. Read between the lines there and you'll see the ultimate truth: most of the experiences were really just some poor women living out their respective lesbian fantasies.

Only the reality is that they were really just giving up an intimate and free live show to the rest of the world.

All members can use the Invader, but more features (and sites) become available once you've reached your VIP! This is your resident sergeant at arms, Masterchat.


  1. Wenn man dann bereit ist für den Chat, einfach nur auf ein Bild klicken, noch die Registrierung erledigen und schon ist man drin im Chat mit dem Girl.

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