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Or you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”But a furious Donald Trump reacted by tweeting: “Lyin’ Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a GQ shoot in his ad. In the presidential campaign, computer hacking and leaked emails have become a political issue between Mr Trump and his Democrat rival.

Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife.”Jason Miller, one of Donald Trump’s advisers, said of the latest pictures: “These were photos that are 20 years old, before Mrs Trump met Mr Trump. This week, the Republican candidate encouraged Russia to seek and release more than 30,000 missing emails that were deleted by Mrs Clinton, the former secretary of state.

A picture of a naked Melania Trump, 46, appeared on the front page of the New York Post yesterday.

But that didn't stop Candidate Trump from going on Howard Stern's radio show and putting his then-girlfriend and now-wife Melania on air with the host for a bizarre, creepy, and totally misogynistic interview about life and sex with Trump. Someone in Stern's studio then launched into a crude impression of Melania having sex with Trump. " he cried in a fake accent as Stern's crew—and Trump—collapsed into laughter.

When Trump called in to Stern's show on November 9, 1999, the conversation turned to Melania ("a potential first lady," Trump said) and her looks. "Ahhh, I've got my pants off already," Stern groaned. "It's a thing of beauty." In a version of the interview clipped by , Stern begged Trump to have sex with Melania on air to boost his ratings. The also reported that, during the interview, Trump told Stern he frequently "mentally" felt up Melania in public.

The pictures were shot from the front, back and side. You’ve never seen a potential First Lady like this.”After the paper hit the streets, Trump supporter and Twitter columnist Tom Mach said: “How dare you stoop so low as to publish nude photos of Melania Trump. ”He then tweeted Mr Trump, and said: “Donald – New York Post has just defamed your wife Melania by posting new pictures of her. ”Another Twitter user said: “Publishing Melania Trump nude to make a point about her in relation to her husband is a disgusting thing to do.”Former lawyer Rachel Sklar, who has spoken in favour of Mr Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, said: “I’m not interested in nude photos of Melania Trump, meant to shame her, ridicule her, and reduce her to an object. Pass.“The lamest, most base and most predictable attack you could ever make on a woman is about her body. Never relevant.”It is not the first time pictures of the former model in naked poses have caused a stir in America.

In March, anti-Trump website Make America Awesome launched a campaign advert in Utah with Mrs Trump lying naked on a rug.

While Melania is certainly a tremendous upgrade in looks from the she-boon gorilla faced First Lady that inhabits the White House now, she is still just as big of a degenerate slut.

As you can see in the photos below, numerous nude and nearly nude photos of Melania Trump have been uncovered from her modeling days back in Slovenia, when she would do pretty much anything on camera for half a radish and an extra serving of gruel.These queens in the House of Trump—all of them having served variously as models, arm candy, reality-show stars, humiliated sidekicks and shopping channel mavens—are vestal virgins in the temple of acquisition.They are significant even for those who don’t worship there for what they reveal about the emotional life of the 45th president of the United States and his views on the role of women.With Stern oozing his creepiest charm, things rapidly got weird. " he proudly asked Stern's co-host before weighing on the role of hotness in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.After demanding that Melania "put on your hottest outfit" for a Stern-Trump night on the town, Stern asked Melania what she was wearing right then. "There are those that say that if President Clinton was caught with a supermodel, he would have been everyone's hero.Related: Inside the Ivanka Trump brand When Trump first married, marital rape was still exempted from American laws. or Miss and were still vastly outnumbered by men in graduate schools (they are now in the majority).


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