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Having always approached the therapeutic use of essential oils from the "radical" French "Aromatic Medicine" perspective, I have long noted the many incongruous and exaggerated statements regarding essential oil toxicity.

Over these past twelve years, through my involvement with various government and industry bodies, I have specifically focused on this topic of "essential oil toxicity" as one area of study, given the potential "poisons scheduling" of various essential oils by the Australian National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee.

In this presentation, I will explore the range of recommendations made and address the validity of each, especially addressing the underlying assumptions and reasons for these statements.

I have personally been involved in the both the practice and the business of Aromatherapy since arriving in Australia in 1986.

This "French" approach often utilises comparatively high doses of essential oils both topically and internally, to realise dose-dependent pharmacological effects.

This discipline relies on a greater understanding of the chemical structure and the pharmacological/toxicological effects of essential oils, to suggest safe dosage levels and contra-indications for use.In this regard, care is taken to recommend dosages and essential oils that will neither create negative reactions nor lawsuits.Hence, dosages are kept extremely low and any essential oil that might be construed to have any possible negative effect, such as during pregnancy, is routinely advised to be best left alone. Looking for Online Chat Room in Telugu then this is the right place to chat in Telugu Chatting can explore our more Telugu free chat rooms at Chatbolo chatting website to start chatting in Telugu.By Ron Guba In the wide variety of Aromatherapy books and periodicals available today, we find many recommendations regarding the safe, therapeutic use of essential oils, often contradictory and seldom supported by either references, research or actual clinical experience.To err on the side on caution may be considered laudable.


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  4. It has a body, the Society for Clay Pipe Research plus its associated newsletter, a fledgling journal Clay Pipe Research, a monograph series The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe ( Davey 1979, 1980b, 1981, 1982, 1985a, 1987; Edwards 1988; Tatman 1994 ; Peacey 1996) and a set of guidelines for recording material (Davey 1981a ; see also Webster 1982).

  5. Welsh then located and interviewed John at his residence on Rhomberg.

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